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25 crazy fun ideas to spice up your wedding

Apr 24 | Weddings

As a wedding photographer, I've seen some really crazy fun things happen at weddings. I've also had the chance to think of some things I think would be huge hits at weddings. You may think these ideas are crazy (and no doubt some of them are) but if you're looking to spice up your wedding day with a little hot sauce, this list is for you. Some of these ideas are more doable than others, but here's a small list to get your brains churning. People want to be involved in remarkable things, so make your wedding remarkable by throwing a little surprise into the mix.

1) A trampoline at the reception. Seriously, how much fun would that be?
2) Bright leather furniture placed around an outdoor cocktail hour or reception.
3) Groomsman playing football or soccer... it's your wedding day, have fun.
4) Best man speech involving funny gifts for the groom/bride.
5) Sushi bar.
6) Carnival games.
7) Cigars.
8) Cornhole, bocce or other lawn games.
9) A surprise choreographed first dance.
10) Dogs or other fun animals involved in the ceremony. Talk about making things interesting!
11) A themed wedding (wear all white, black tie, 20ís, 70ís)
12) A game that the bride and groom play in front of everybody.
13) Ice cream bar with all kinds of fun toppings... who doesn't love sprinkles on ice cream?
14) Costumes, masks, hats, boas for the dance party (like the Colombian La Hora Loca).
15) Bonfire and símores.
16) Different getaway transportation. How about a cool bike or a Vespa scooter?
17) Cash money strapped to the garter so single guys would actually go for it.
18) Pogo sticks... seriously, a bunch of groomsmen trying to pogo stick? Hilarious.
19) A bride and groom getting ready together.
20) Fun non-alcoholic drinks like izze and dogs and suds root beer.
21) Finding a swimming pool and jumping in it... skinny dipping anybody?
22) A pig roast.
23) A pre-wedding poker tournament.
24) A square dance.
25) Camping out after the reception. BYOSB (bring your own sleeping bag.)

la hora loca, wedding photography at brown hotel

bride kissing dog at wedding

bride and groom on vespa scooter

If you have any comment/feedback or a fun wedding idea you'd like to share, drop it in the comments section!

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