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Mallori + Tory | Kentucky Farm Wedding

Aug 4 | Weddings

I've been wanting to blog this wedding from the second I shot it a week and a half ago. Mallori and Tory decided to get married on her parents' property outside of Shelbyville, Kentucky. The wedding was out in an open field and the reception was near their house, with lights hung from the trees. It was a wedding unlike any I'd ever shot. Mainly because mondo thunderstorms were predicted throughout the day. Lauren Chitwood, Mallori's all-star wedding planner, let me know that they were getting married outside even if it was pouring down buckets of rain. So I headed out to Dick's Sports before the wedding and loaded up with some new rain gear just in case. We were lucky enough to dodge the early storms. And the sun even came out during the ceremony. But half way through the reception, God unleashed a fury of rain, lightning and thunder. Everybody stayed out in the pouring rain, getting drenched and kept partying. I had never photographed anything like it. It was awesome!

Wedding Venue: Private Estate in Shelbyville, Kentucky
Wedding Planner: Lauren Chitwood, LC Events KY

I love it when mom helps get the dress on.

mom helping bride get ready

Loved the blue dresses and yellow flowers and shoes.

blue bridesmaid wedding dresses, yellow flowers

ladies laughing

flower details

Farm wedding ceremony details

Boy laughing during ceremony

Excited bride

I love moments like this one.

Dad hugging daughter

Great light during wedding ceremony

Mom and dad looking on

Sunlight during ceremony

Ringbearer picking grass

Mom clapping


post wedding celebration

Bride and groom portraits tilt shift

Open air reception details

Wedding toasts


Open air reception with lights

Mom's speech under lights

Mallori's parents surprised them with fireworks during the reception.

Fireworks with bride and groom

Funny dance shot

Rad guests + MASSIVE thunderstorm = EPIC wedding reception

Wedding reception during a thunderstorm

Attempting a four-man slip and slide on the soaked dance floor.

Groomsmen sliding on grass

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