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Aspen Wedding Photography at The Little Nell

Jul 19 | Weddings

Here are some of my favorite photographs from Sally Brown and Ted's wedding in Aspen, Colorado.

Wedding Ceremony: Summit of Aspen Mountain
Reception: Sundeck, The Little Nell
Wedding Planner: Stefanie Cove

The guests took a 15 minute gondola ride from the base of Aspen Mountain to the summit for the wedding.

Aspen gondola

Groom's details, suit, Brooks Brothers tie

Aspen vista panoramic

Bride getting ready

Vera Wang Luxe wedding dress

Little Nell wedding ceremony details

Little Nell wedding ceremony

Mother of the Bride and bridesmaid dress

Right as the ceremony began, it started to sprinkle.

Bride walking down aisle with umbrella

Bride and father

Groom seeing bride for first time

Mother of the bride

Aspen umbrella during wedding ceremony

A few minutes later, the rain went away and the sun shot through the clouds.

Little Nell wedding deck

Exchanging rings

Little Nell

Seriously, is there a more beautiful spot in America to get married?

Aspen Wedding ceremony

Bride and groom, black and white

Celebrating after wedding ceremony at Little Nell

Celebrating again

I couldn't get enough of this violinist. How groovy are those glasses?

Violinist at Little Nell wedding

Um, yeah. So the wedding was super detailicious.

Reception details in Sundeck on Aspen Mountain

Aspen wedding detail


Father of Bride Speech

Bride's reaction

First dance at Aspen wedding

Groomsmen goofing off

Trumpet player that looked like Obama

Mother-Son dance

You can't go to a wedding in Aspen without re-enacting a scene from Dumb and Dumber.

Imitating Dumb and Dumber

Dancing at Aspen wedding

Austin surprised the couple with a song Sally Brown. Dare I say it? Yup. Epic.

Bestman giving performance at wedding

Reaction to best man's performance

You'll have to watch the slideshow to find out why the mom's were both horrified in these photographs. (I'm such a tease.)

Scared Mother of Groom

Terrified Mother of Bride

Sally Brown and Ted got doused with lavender as they exited the reception.

Throwing lavender at end of wedding

Just married sign, Aspen Mountain

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