Mark Hayes wrote: I love this wedding. So much laughter - always a good sign for a couple. (10.07.11 - 12:08am)

John Schuler wrote: this one is really great! (09.28.11 - 6:29pm)

Jeremiah Colling wrote: Hard core ring shot dude. That is epic. (09.28.11 - 5:31pm)

Jessica Strickland wrote: this is SOO RAD. i know this family...and they define COOLNESS. these images are perfection. LOVE them. such an awesome job, Todd!! (09.28.11 - 5:07pm)

lauren (the one in the dress) wrote: thankyouthankyouthankyou for this beautiful post. it was such an unbelievably wonderful day and night and we're so glad you were a part of it. xo! (09.25.11 - 6:58pm)

hannah wrote: love. love. love. i've been waiting patiently to see this wedding after you blogged that teaser photo. completely worth the wait. (09.23.11 - 11:52am)

Amanda wrote: They look like such a fun couple! (09.22.11 - 9:22pm)